Sunday, March 19, 2017

Timothy's Blessing

Because the holidays made coordinating times with grandparents difficult, we ended up waiting to bless Timothy the end of January at 4 months old. Besides being one month older than when the other boys were blessed, he is also just a big baby so we ended up having to purchase another blessing outfit in a 9-12 month size. At four months he weighed 17 lbs. 12 oz. and was 26.5 inches (both in the 90th percentiles) compared to the other three boys who were closer to the 50th percentiles. We love to kiss those chubby cheeks of his! 

We had plans to bless him at church but Adeline brought home a nasty stomach virus that hit everybody HARD. Since Scott could hardly get out of bed Sunday morning, we asked a very brave bishopric member to come by our house in the evening so we could bless Timothy before Doug and Kris had to fly home the next day. It all worked out in the end and if we have anymore kids, I think I might like to have it at home again (minus the virus of coarse!).

Friday, March 10, 2017

Nana & Grandpa Flamm's Visit

Oak Alley Plantation

Laura Plantation

A really cool beehive at Laura Plantation.

The kids were plantationed out by this point. Both Adeline and Reuben turned into little gremlins.

Most of the wood work in this house is not original because of a fire, but all of the brick work is original.

Each of the kids, except Rigby, had a melt down this day. Adeline freaked out because she got muddy, Peter freaked out because he could not figure out how to throw the airplanes and Reuben freaked out because he had to take turns. Finally, they each calmed down and had a blast!

Peter's 9th Birthday

Peter was very lucky and got to have both sets of grandparents here for his birthday. The poor boy did not get balloons until later because we all got sick with the stomach flu and forgot to go grab some. Peter is always fun to watch at Christmas and his birthday because he gets so excited. Some of his birthday gifts this year were a remote control car, a bop-it game, monopoly junoir, and MONEY! Peter is a very diligent student in school and is still doing well in his advanced math, reading and language arts class. He says he still wants to be a math teacher when he grows up (his Grandpa Farrow would be proud!). Peter is really into Harry Potter right now, Pokemon and Dinosaur King. I find lists of wizard spells, Pokemon and dinosaur species all over the house these days. He also loves to make up games to play with his siblings; although he is always changing the rules so he can have the advantage. His favorite game to play right now is Monopoly Deal and wizard duels with his wand against Rigby. Peter is a very responsible older brother and is always looking out for his younger siblings.

Peter also has been able to finish his Wolf Rank in cub scouts. Here he is at his first and only pack meeting as a Wolf.

This is a poster Peter made for one of his Duty to God requirements. These are all of the temples we have been able to visit as a family as well as a lego temple we have built.

Over Christmas break Peter and I were able to learn about some history of Covington. We learned about how Native Americans first hunted and lived on the land, then the French owned it and sold it to the United States which shortly after sold it to John Wharton Collins. It was originally called the City of Wharton, but was renamed Covington for unknown reasons. Here we are at Covington Cemetery where John Wharton Collins is buried.

We love you Peter!

Reuben's 3rd Birthday

Reuben was distraught that Netflix got rid of Jake and the Neverland Pirates. So he was so excited to get some Jake shows or "Ho Ho" as he calls it.

Another hit was this inexpensive candy dispenser that Nana and Grandpa Flamm gave him.

Reuben also got a remote control car for his birthday. He seemed to love it that night, but the next day he started screaming hysterically anytime he saw it. We think Peter might have scared Reuben with it and ever since then, he starts screaming and crying while saying, "I scared of my car!"

Oh Reuben! He can be such a fun energetic little boy one second and then the next second he can be a little gremlin; I call it his Dr. Jekell-Mr. Hyde complex. He still has the cutest dimples even though he is super skinny. He currently only eats peanut butter and jam, macaroni n'cheese, two types of sugar cereal and pizza--no fruits or vegetables. We have done everything in our power to get him to eat more variety of food, but he is so incredibly stubborn that we have made zero progress. In fact I have been so worried about him nutritionally that I tried to get him to drink Pediasure; of coarse he hated it, just like cookies, ice cream and donuts. We have actually shoved cookies, ice cream and donuts into his mouth, so he know what they taste like, but he STILL refuses to eat them because he is unsure of them and he knows we want him to eat them. Reuben loves me to read books to him and loves to play little teasing games with Scott. If it were up to Reuben, I think he would choose to go to work with Scott over staying at home with me; he loves his daddy very fiercely, but will quickly switch allegiances to anyone else if it gets him something or somewhere he wants to be. Much to Rigby's and Adeline's dismay he is a merciless teaser. He is hopefully starting speech soon, which I think will help with some of his power struggles. He is such a fun big brother to Timothy and I can tell some day they are going to be best buds like Peter and Rigby. My hope for Reuben is that he will make good decisions as a teenager and then I will never have to worry about him because once he has made up his mind, there is no changing it!    

Reuben threw a tantrum on the way home from church recently. Hestrained his body so hard that the capillaries just under his skin burst leaving behind tiny pools of blood that look like a pin-prick type rash all over his face and elbows. It took two days for the rash to disappear.

The kid is such a goof ball. He put stickers all over his clothes and arms and then showed me while giggling at himself. He makes me laugh!

We love you Reuben!

Misc 2016

September 2016

Reuben throws such top-notch tantrums that he sometimes falls asleep afterwards.

October 2016

The kids joined Scott for Movember (mustache November).

December 2016
Peter was Rigby's pillow for the night. They are always in some crazy position.

Adeline and I at the end of our mommy-daughter date.

Christmas 2016

Christmas Breakfast at School

Practicing Christmas Music

If you can play a piece while holding a baby, it is ready to go!

Decorating the Christmas Tree

We finally bought a fake tree because every place selling trees only had the reject ones left for a ridiculous price.

Friends Visit

We were able to see my friend, Shauna, and her family on their way to South Carolina. I love that we are on the way. Most people don't need to travel this far south. Between our two families there were 10 kids! The adults were so busy that we only got pictures of the kids.

Christmas Morning